Why is it so hard to do the right thing? ADA compliance and web authoring software.

So I’m working on building my syllabus, lesson plans, handouts, etc., and I want them to be in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act. Fortunately, my college’s Learning Management System supplies ADA compliant html templates. And if you upload them into the LMS, you can edit the templates in the LMS web editor. Only . . it’s a turd of an editor, occupying only 1/3 of the screen. You can drag a corner to make it bigger, but you have to keep doing that. It’s also fairly limited in it’s capabilities and subject to flake if the internet connection goes wiggy. So, I’d like to edit the HTML files in a stand alone web editor and then upload them. If I were at school I’d have an Adobe suite of programs to use, but as I work as much at home as I do at school, that doesn’t help. I don’t need to pay crazy money to Adobe for programs I won’t use on my home Mac, I just want a web editor that doesn’t rely on the web to create the web. Oh, and export to PDF would be sweet! 

I’m sure I’ll find a solution soon, but I suspect this is why more people don’t build ADA compliant courses. I pick up software like it’s spare change, but it’s taking me a day or two to figure out a good workflow for this problem. What would someone do who is sympathetic but not facile with software? Work in the LMS web editor, grow to hate it and give up? 

A first world problem I know. 

Safe home. 


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